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1200 SW 3rd Street
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Hope College of Arts & Sciences

Our Philosophy         


             Hope College of Arts & Sciences philosophy is to lead the institution and its members to the highest levels of academic and educational excellence.

            The institution, as much as an individual, demonstrates a certain perspective and a philosophy built upon specific goals and objectives. As an individual, it can contribute to the general good of the community. Its success can be measured in part by the contributions of the individual lives it has helped to shape. Our educational philosophy combines a constantly evolving, up-to-date curriculum development with the recruiting of strong professional faculty. The Institution meets the needs of both international and American students, as well as working professionals, by offering day and evening programs.

            An educational institution such as Hope College of Arts & Sciences can play a vital role by providing an educational setting where students are able to foster personal involvement and contribution. Hope College of Arts & Sciences is conducive to building up student’s confidence and self-worth, as it encourages active student participation and individualized faculty-student interaction. The diversity of cultural backgrounds on campus enhances students’ social skills and presents a great opportunity for personal growth. Thus, the educational experience at Hope College of Arts & Sciences is not limited to the classroom and textbooks.

            The Institution strives to give students a background in general studies as well as specialized knowledge in a chosen field. While the Institution offers its students a wealth of valuable knowledge, it believes that its primary task is to teach students not only concepts but also the process of discovery, analysis, and successful application. As a result, our programs encompass a foundation of concepts and theory, blended with real-life applications.


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Mission Statement

Our mission is to prepare qualified entry-level and professional nurses to work in diverse healthcare settings. Partnerships with members of the southeast Florida healthcare community are essential to the mission’s success. The programs accomplish their mission by providing a challenging education that prepares students to think logically, critically, and analytically in order to problem-solve effectively and make sound clinical decisions; communicate effectively; and to integrate knowledge, skills, values, and professionalism in the delivery of high-quality health care.

Vision Statement


Our vision is to reach and equip the underserviced population to professionally excel in the growingly competitive healthcare field through the impact of research, educational programs and professional partnerships.



Hope College of Arts & Sciences was established in 2011 in Pompano Beach, Florida to prepare individuals seeking a career in nursing with quality evidenced-based education to practice safely as an entry-level nurse.  The candidate who has successfully completed the program will have satisfied the prerequisite for obtaining a degree in Associate of Science in Nursing (ASN) to be prepared to sit the state licensure exam (NCLEX).

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