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Hope College of Arts & Sciences encourages all individuals to further their educational interest.  We are committed to a policy of equal opportunity in student admissions, student financial assistance, and student policies and procedures without regard to age, race, sex, color, religious belief, national origin, sexual orientation, or disability.  Admissions Department accepts applications based on requirements set forth by the Board of Education.  Our admissions process begins with you.




Associate of Science in Nursing Degree Program



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Hope College of Arts & Sciences’ transfer credit policy recognizes both traditional college credit and nontraditional learning.  Hope College of Arts & Sciences considers the following criteria when determining if transfer credit should be awarded:

  1. Accreditation of the institution;
  2. The comparability of the scope, depth, and breadth of the course to be transferred;
  3. The applicability of the course to be transferred to the student’s desired program. This includes the grade and age of the previously earned credit, and if the learning was obtained outside a formal academic setting; and,
  4. Hope College of Arts & Sciences will evaluate and award transfer credit using professional judgment and the recommendations for credit issues by the American Council on Education (ACE).






  1. Contact the Admissions Department for an appointment at admissions@hcas.us 

  2. Complete a Hope College of Arts & Sciences Admissions Application. A representative will assist applicants in completing the necessary admissions paperwork.

  3. Provide two letters of recommendation forms

  1. All applicants must provide one of the following:

    1. Standard high school diploma (international transcripts are accepted that are translated by a National Association of Credential Evaluation Services [NACES] approved organization).

    2. General Education Diploma (GED)

    3. A home school education graduate who completed the requirement in accordance with Florida Statutes.

  1. Students with prior college experience will be required to submit an official transcript for each college attended in order to receive transfer credits (international transcripts are accepted that are translated by a National Association of Credential Evaluation Services [NACES] approved organization).

  1. All applicants must provide proof of United States’ citizenship or residency status. Acceptable forms of identification are as follows:

    1. All applicants must provide a government issued driver’s license or identification card (ID);

    2. If a United States citizen, proof as follows:

      1. Original or certified copy of the student’s birth certificate;

      2. A valid, unexpired US passport;

      3. Certificate of Naturalization issued by the DHSMV.

  1. Non-US citizens must provide one document (original or certified copy) to establish identity. Examples are as follows:

    1. A valid, unexpired Permanent Resident Card (I-551);

    2. A valid passport for non-immigrants;

    3. Department of Homeland Security document (showing proof of lawful presence).

  1. Medical Requirements – students enrolling in nursing programs are required to provide proof of the following at the expense of the student:

    1. Physical within one year (form for completion by a medical practitioner provided) and meet the following core performance standards and physical requirements:

      1. Mobility – physical abilities sufficient to move independently from room to room, walk in hallways, maneuver in small places, such as patient rooms and medication rooms;

      2. Motor skills – gross and fine motor skills to practice safe and efficient patient care;

      3. Hearing – auditory ability sufficient to monitor and assess health needs;

      4. Visual –ability sufficient for observation and assessment necessary to provide safe patient care;

      5.   Tactile –ability sufficient for physical assessment and to provide safe patient care;

      6. Communication – sufficient for interaction with others in coherent and concise oral and written form;

      7. Interpersonal – sufficient for interaction with patients, families, health care professional and groups from diverse backgrounds (cultural, emotional, and intellectual) in a variety of healthcare setting;

      8. Critical thinking – sufficient for clinical decision-making.

  1. Drug screen (10-panel);

  2. Immunization record for vaccines and/or titers (form for completion by a medical practitioner provided):

    1. Measles-Mumps-Rubella (MMR) (positive titer or one dose immunization);

    2. Varicella (positive titer or two doses of immunization);

    3. Tuberculosis test (negative) or chest x-ray (if skin test has been positive);

    4. Hepatitis B vaccine (3 scheduled doses) or titer indicating immunity, or complete and sign a declination form;

    5. Influenza vaccine (during the flu season October-March).

  1. All applicants enrolling in nursing programs are required to complete a Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) Level II background check as required by the Florida Legislature. For further information, you may consult Florida Statutes SS456.013 (3)(a), 456.039(1), 456.072(2), 464.018, and other laws that govern the health care profession in which you are enrolled.

  1. Completion of the following CEU Contact Hours approved by the Florida Board of Nursing (FBN):

    1. BLS – Basic Life Support for Health Care Providers

    2. Domestic Violence (2.0 Contact Hours)

    3. HIV/AIDS (4.0 Contact Hours)

    4. OSHA/TB/Hepatitis (6.0 Contact Hours)

    5. Prevention of Medical Errors (2.0 Contact Hours)

    6. Successfully complete Hope College of Arts & Sciences Entrance and Placement Exams.  Regardless of high-school status, all students are required to be assessed for college readiness.

    7. Wonderlic- Placement Exam

  • Students who possess a degree from an approved accredited school are exempt from taking the Wonderlic Placement Exam.

  • No minimum score required.

  1. TEAS- Entrance Exam

  • If students have taken TEAS exam at a prior institution, they may submit proof of documentation to the Admission Representative. TEAS results should be within one year of enrollment.

  • No minimum score required.

Email us at admissions@hcas.us



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